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Regions \ Wales \ Llangattock/Clydach Gorge \ Eglwys Faen



The multiple cave entrances can be found by following the path from Whitewalls hut for about 1.5km along the hillside until after a very large bend in the path, from there several of the entrances should be obvious.

Grid reference: SO 19211571 or 51°50'3.19"N 3°10'25.56"W


No known access restrictions.


This cave, the name of which in Welsh means "Stone Church", has many entrances which all lead on to a main chamber. This leads on through a crawl and a small climb up a fixed ladder, which is not maintained by any official body, to a maze of interconnecting and strongly draughty tunnels.

This is an easy cave with few difficulties at the start, as such it has lead to much graffiti and vandalism in the larger chambers near the entrance.

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The following is an incomplete map of the cave.

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