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Guscott Entrance in flood

Grid Ref: SE 10097578


Limited parking (further parking as for Goyden Pot) by the entrance of Limley Farm. Note: Do not park in what looks like a layby opposite the entrance as this is for tractors to swing round. Park on the verge beyond this area of road. Walk through Limley Farm entrance and then go south towards the riverbed (away from the farm)once through the metal stile turn left up the dry riverbed. The pot is on the left hand side just after the bend in the riverbed.


Presently permission granted for access by Mr Church of Limley farm, no need to call.


The shaft is 7m deep easily climbable and then easy crawl leads to a breakdown chamber on the fault. From the entrance chamber a scaffold section leads down and back under the entrance to a small shaft by the faulted wall and dig. The passage heading north from the entrance chamber goes upstream passing a tube on the right and then a bit further on the passage forks. The right hand fork enters Ralf Inlet which is about 70m long crawl to a small standing height chamber with small muddy passage that quickly opens out into wider section and choke. The left hand fork enters Farm Inlet which is about 30m long ending at a silt choke. The tube further back is Test of Faith passage heading east and low but encourages you on with the sound of a stream. Once again the passage splits. Straight ahead a low very muddy phreatic tube descebds diwn a slope to finish at a choke. The right fork starts as a tight tube with an awkward bend and flat out section through to Shale chamber with a disappointing small stream, given the noise it makes, falling from a tube in the roof too small to enter. The stream flows into a clean vadose passage that turns left and then onto a small eyehole on the right. After the eyehole the passage widens briefly before continuing into another vadose passage that gets too tight although wider passage is visible beyond. This is currently a dig by the Black Sheep Diggers trying to link with an extension beyond North choke in the Aquamole Series/Frog pot. The two caves are separated by approximately 30m.


Guscott pot was dug out by the Chris Fox and Ralf Guscott of the Black Sheep Diggers at the end of 2011.


  • Northern Caves Volume 1, Wharfedale and the North-East. Guscott pot is not mentioned in Northern Caves as it was dug open long after publication.

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