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Lesser Stream Pot Entrance

Grid Reference:SE 09987614

Parking is available by the road next to the picnic tables up the valley from Limley Farm. Access is via the gate, field and second gate towards the obvious entrance in the cliff face. Be sure to close both gates. Rather than enter Goyden's main entrance, walk up the river bed following the small cliff face. The entrance is half way along this cliff face and covered by a metal bin lid.


Permission for access is currently granted by the farmer, and there is no need to call.



Entrance through to the connection passage between Mancheter Hole and Goyden pot, Eternal Optimist


The metal lid opens to reveal a small vertical rift. An easy climb down to hole and passage ahead. The hole leads to a squeeze into the Manchester stream passage upstream of sump 2 and continuing upstream leads to Divers Chamber and Bax pot. The phreatic passage ahead is followed to a where a short vertical section drops into the stream passage downstream of sump 2 and on into the complex breakdown area of Lesser Stream passage.

Through trip to Goyden main Stream passage

Eternal optimist starts as a low crawl but soon opens out into a fine crawling size phreatic tube for about 20m to a point where a vertical descent leads to the exit of sump 2. From here, follow the stream down the rift and into the bedding on the right. At the end of the bedding ignore the obvious way to the right but instead go left to the choke. Climb down with care into Lesser Stream Passage below. Follow the water through the narrow slot to the right, and then on working your way round boulders as required until the passage finally connects with Goyden's main stream at the cascades.


The dig to make the link between Manchester Hole and Goyden pot from the Goyden pot end required a long haul to remove spoil. Black Sheep Diggers knew they were not far underground and finding a rift with tree roots gave them the opportunity of opening a new entrance, Lesser Stream pot. This enabled them to make quick working in completing the connection,Eternal Optmist, between the caves.


Northern Caves 1 Wharfedale & North East

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