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Limley Pot Entrance

Grid Reference:SE 10047601


Park by the picnic tables further up the valley beyond Limley Farm. Through the gate into the field towards the river as for Goyden pot. Do not go through the second gate to the cliff face and large entrance of Goyden main entrance. Instead cross the river bed (normally dry)about 20m down valley of Goyden where the track crosses the river bed and through the gate into the next field. Walk across the field towards the large barn that is part of Limley Farm. Climb over the stile and the metal lid on the right is the entrance to Limley pot.


Mr Church of Limley farm at present gives permission. No need to call. Cavers must though not climb over the fences and close gates.





The Black Sheep Diggers, Paul Baxter (Bax), Chris Fox and Paul Blyth dug open this pot in 1995.


Northern Caves 1 Wharfedale & North East

  • Northern Caves Volume 1, Wharfedale and the North-East. Nidderdale section

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