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Grid Reference: SN 67075 17750

Altitude: 285m

Situated at the base of a deep shakehole on the left of the footpath that leads to Llygad Llwchwr. Follow the footpath between the two large shakeholes, then follow the fence around the left hand shakehole until reaching a small gate. Go through the gate and scramble down to the base of the hole.

Llygad Llwchwr II entrance – Photo by Rhys Williams


Open access. Plese replace the cover over the entrance after leaving.


Length: >300m

A mixture of crawling passage, a large chamber, climbs, chokes, decorated areas and overflow stream passage. A very impressive and attractive piece of cave.


The shakehole has been dug periodically over the years as an obvious site for entering the further reaches of Llygad Llwchwr beyond the terminal sumps. In 2010, Tony Donovan and others broke through into Llygad Llwchwr II. This is an area of cave first entered via an underwater dig off Chamber 5 in Llygad Llwchwr by Martyn Farr and others in 2001. The underwater dig subsequently silted up, barring access. The cave lies off to the side of the main river flow and "The Slot", but is in a fine strategic position for bypassing The Slot and progressing into the unentered cave upstream.


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