Lower Long Churn

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Regions \ Yorkshire Dales \ The Three Peaks \ Lower Long Churn Cave



Grid Reference: SD 773 757

Altitude: 351 m

Fenced area with entrances to Upper and Lower Long Churn.


Very popular trip for novices and sometimes used for SRT training.

Clamber down into passage soon reaches the stream, upstream the waterfall is from Upper Long Churn, downstream the water is followed a short distance before flowing into a crawl and emerging into daylight - the stream briefly flows on the surface before sinking into Diccan Pot.

Where the water flows into the crawl a step up enters dry passage, passing two pools: Double Shuffle and Plank, which can be passed without getting wet (if you're careful) and also a passage on the left which connects to Diccan Pot. The passage continues to a climb down into a chamber with The Cheesepress on the left or a further climb over the far side of the chamber.

The Cheesepress is probably the most well known squeeze in the Dales and is quickly passed to a climb, the passage at the bottom connects with other climb mentioned above.

The large passage continues to the top of Dollytubs where there is a choice of two pitches, these unite in a large passage which heads to daylight with a fine view across Alum Pot. A further two choices of pitch land on a ledge where a traverse takes you to The Bridge. Descending this as a pitch or lined-climb lands on a further ledge where, again, a number of options exist for descending the remaining part of the Alum Pot Main Shaft.


Call at Selside Farm, where a small fee is payable.


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