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Grid Reference: SD 7524 7242.

Altitude: 340 m

Located 100 m north-east of Bar Pot in the shallow valley which also contains the entrances into Henslers Pot and Corky's. It is recognisable by its concrete capping and bat-friendly lid.


An 8 m entrance pitch leads to two short, narrow pitches (10 m and 6 m). A short section of passage then leads to the top of the impressive 23 m Niagara pitch, which drops into the Disappointment Pot streamway 30 m before the third pitch.

Although it avoids the ducks in Disappointment, unless it is pre-rigged Marilyn should not be considered a faster way into Hensler's Master Cave than Bar Pot, as it requires the rigging of seven pitches. However, it is a cave well worth doing in its own right.

Care should be taken on the last pitch, as two sides of the top section are made up of unconsolidated fill, and boulders occasionally drop down the pitch as the clay matrix dries out with the increased draught.


Permission for access should be obtained from the Ingleborough Estate Office


The aven leading up from the Disappointment Pot streamway was commented on during the original explorations in 1944, and was climbed by Ged Benn of the Bradford Pothole Club during 1991 and 1992

In 2002 Craven Pothole Club began to dig in a shakehole which was clearly draughting. This exposed a bedding plane pointing to a deeper, neighbouring shakehole to which the diggers then transferred their efforts. The connection with Disappointment Pot was made in September 2005.

The shaft was capped with concrete in August 2006, and the gate was put into place in August 2007.

It was P-bolted in the spring of 2011.

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