Nidd Head Risings

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Grid Ref: SE 10507318

Altitude: 160m


Access provided by Steve Harker of Thrope Farm (near New Goyden pot). No need to call. Cavers ensure parking causes no obstruction.




Thomas Jeffreys recorded in 1775 that water sank which at Goyden pot was seen to rise beyond Lofthouse village at an unnamed rising. In 1866 William Stott Banks referred to the rising as Nidd Head.

Waddon and Davies were the first divers to explore Nidd Head NW and SW rising in 1960-62. They passed the short 6m sump in SW rising through to backwater chamber in 1960. They dived the Main NW Rising passing sump 1 after 13m and the exploration of sump 2 for 23m and in the SW rising passed the main rising after 33m. In May 1962 they pushed sump 2 in the SW main rising for 15m. The cave was also surveyed during these trips.

Dave Yeandle and Oliver Statham in 1973 dived NW rising sump2 for 115m emerging in a low wide airbell.

In 1982 Julian Griffiths pushed the limit of the dive in sump 2 to just over half a kilometre. Brian Judd extended it further in 1994 to over 700m.


Northern Caves 1 Wharfedale & North East

  • Northern Caves Volume 1, Wharfedale and the North-East. Nidderdale section page 161-162

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