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Ogof Capel

Grid reference: SO 2165 1259 Altitude: 206m

Ogof Capel – Photo by Rhys Williams

Ogof Gelynnen

Grid reference: SO 2167 1261 Altitude: 208m

Ogof Gelynnen – Photo by Rhys Williams

From the Drum and Monkey pub in the Clydach Gorge, go through the subway under the Heads of the Valleys Road. Cross the stile and follow a vague path back to the left into the head of a gulley. The Ogof Capel entrance is just to the right of the path in a small cliff. Water resurges from various points further down the gulley. Following the base of cliffs on the other side of the path, a large iron ladder marks the Ogof Gelynnen entrance which is a few metres above ground level.


Length: >820m

Ogof Capel (meaning Chapel Cave) is a highly decorated small stream cave. For many years, access to the cave was only open to cave divers as the decorated sections lay beyond two sumps just inside its entrance. More recently, the nearby cave of Ogof Gelynnen (meaning Holly Cave) was dug through to bypass the sumps and allow access to non-divers.

Route finding in the cave is trivial. A few metres into Ogof Gelynnen, the way on is via a draughting hole in the roof. This leads through a scaffolded choke into Ogof Capel proper, just beyond the sumps. Another tortuous scaffolded choke leads to the gate. Beyond the gate, follow the water upstream past numerous straw, helictite and crystal formations. In places, the taped route forces the caver to crawl in the stream rather than damage the formations in the roof. At the only obvious junction, Slalom Passage leads off to the right. This becomes crawling sized and very well decorated, ending at a fork and two digs. Due to the lack of turning space, it is recommended that this passage is viewed in pairs rather than as a group of four. Back at the junction, the main passage can be followed, again at stream level in places, past various formations until a 30m duck is met. This is spacious underwater but with limited air space. The main passage and formations continue for some way until the passage becomes too tight


Locked gate within cave to protect decorated section. Key available from Chelsea SS. Maximum party size of four. No beginners. See Cambrian Caving Council access page or Mynydd Llangatwg Cave Management/Advisory Committee page.



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