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Grid Reference: SN 985096

Altitude: 320m

Meaning "Large Cave", Ogof Fawr lies in Cwm Cadlan, on a rarely visited area of moorland between Merthyr Tydfil and Penderyn. The cave is approximately 1.5km up the valley from Ogof Fechan.

Ogof Fawr depression and sink – Photo by Rhys Williams


No known access restrictions.


Length: 1.1km

Depth: 76m

This is an impressive site in a large depression with a sizeable stream sinking. The site was dug by Tony Donovan and Paul Quill, among others, of SWCC. The water sinking here has been dye traced to Llygad Cynon 3.5km way and 80m lower in elevation.

In December 2008, Descent magazine reported that the cave had been extended to 1-2km with 500m so far having been surveyed. This represents a significant breakthrough for the area.

The unstable and flood prone entrance digs have been bypassed by the opening of a new entrance nearby.



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