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Ogof Pasg

Ogof Pasg entrance – Photo by Rhys Williams
Ogof Foel Fawr entrance – Photo by Rhys Williams

(meaning Easter cave)

Grid Reference: SN 7364 1881

Altitude: 545m

Ogof Foel Fawr

(meaning cave of the large bald hill)

Grid Reference: SN 73520 18737

Altitude: 544m

The cave lies within the hill of Foel Fawr, in and around Herbert's Quarry. The Ogof Pasg entrance is in the quarry itself partway up a rather unstable bouder slope - care required. The Ogof Foel Fawr entrance is on the open hill above the quarries overlooking the main A4069 Llangadog to Brynaman road.


Open access.

There is ample car-parking available close by, however, it is a remote spot and the usual common sense precautions should be taken to guard against vehicle break-ins.


Length: 834m

The two caves contain quite large and fine passages linked by some tight crawls. Ogof Pasg has some canals to wade and also a ladder pitch which may be bypassed by a lower route - though this sumps in wet weather. The cave therefore forms a pleasant and popular short through trip.

A small stream in the cave was apparently dye-tested to Llygad Llwchwr 6.7km away by Nig Rogers in December 1984 (See refs 1 and 2), however, the details of this trace have not been published. The cave therefore marks the most easterly and highest known point in the Llygad Llwchwr catchment; A depth potential of 318m. It is possible that the water travels via the Ogof Gwynt yr Eira streamway some 400m away, but this has not been tested.


Parts of the cave explored by SWCC in 1958. Caves surveyed qnd linked by Hereford CC in 1988.


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