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Grid Reference: SN891161 OS Explore Multimap

Altitude: 436m

The cave lies remote on moorland between the Swansea and Neath Valleys. Groups frequently fail to find the entrance, or get lost on their way back, when ill-equipped for mountain navigation in poor weather.

Pant Mawr Pot – Photo by Rhys Williams


Access is available to all bona fide cavers, but permission must be sought from the SWCC who administer caving access to the area on behalf of the land owner (Cnewr Estate).


Length: 1152m

Vertical range: 97m

One of the classic, must-do trips in South Wales. The cave entrance is a shakehole that leads directly onto a 15m pitch. Due to the exposure at the pitch head, a handline should be rigged down the shakehole from the in-situ stakes. The pitch is rigged with P-bolts for ladders or SRT.

The fine, free-hanging pitch drops into the main passage. Upstream, the passage can be followed a short way before it closes down. The main way on is downstream. The route is fairly obvious, passing through several boulder chokes, and eventually, after some finely decorated and lofty chambers, a constricted sump is reached that marks the end of the cave.


First recorded exploration in 1937 by the Wessex Cave Club.


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