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The Three Counties System is a cave system under the counties of Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire. At present (June 2012) this encompasses Casterton Fell, Leck Fell and Ireby Fell. If further connections can be forged the system will also stretch in to the valley of Kingsdale and on to Scales Moor.


Whilst it forms a single cave system, there are a number of smaller interconnected systems separated by sumps, in all there are 53 entrances in to the system, however not all are presently accessible.

The system can be split as such (North to South, split via sumps):

  • Bull Pot of the Witches - a cave on its own which may one day extend the system north to Aygill and perhaps beyond.
  • Ease Gill (Casterton Fell) - very lengthy system in its own right, which also includes part of Leck Fell in the form of Link and Pippikin Pots.
  • Leck Beck Head / Witches Cave - resurgence and flood resurgence.
  • Witches II Cave - short cave that intersects the sump connection between Leck Fell and the resurgence.
  • Short Drop Cave / Gavel Pot - connected to Lost Johns' via a sump.
  • Lost Johns' & Notts II - includes Death's Head/Big Meanie, Rumbling Hole.
  • Notts Pot - vertical system situated between sumped connections with Ireby and Notts II.
  • Ireby Fell Cavern - connects to Notts Pot via sump, connected to Rift Pot via a connection rarely passable.
  • Rift Pot / Low Douk Cave / Large Pot - connected to Ireby (see above)


Permission varies with each fell, see individual cave entries or consult CNCC website.


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