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Thrope Edge Pot Entrance, flooded

Grid Ref: SE 10167539


Parking is at the farm or on the road. Follow the Nidderdale way from the farm up the valley till it meets the river bed and straight opposite is the small entrance to New Goyden pot whilst down stream a few metres by the large tree is the entrance to Thrope Edge Pot. The entrance is covered by a metal lid and is on the line of Thrope Edge fault. Note: There is no access straight accross the fields from the road.


Presently permission for access has been granted by Mr Harker of Thrope Farm, no need to call.


Climb down the pot with care avoiding loose sections through to the scaffolding. Climb down the scaffolding and note the shotholes in the wall made by the original miners. Part way down the climb is a poised boulder and under that leads to a passage that goes under the river bed and heads towards the mining area on the hillside opposite. The main way on is to carry straight on down and under the arch into a standing height fault passage. Follow this to the holes in the floor. Traversing over the hole follows the fault passage with high and low level parallel passages. The higher bigger passage follows the small stream up stream and ends at a huge choke. Down the hole (handline useful and maybe even a ladder for some) is the way on to New Goyden streamway. Climb down the hole and immediately turning left enters a nice easy going stream passage that eventually closes down to a very tight section. For those who are small enough this can be followed through to the base of a pitch where it become a lot more roomy. How Gill Pot enters at the top of the pitch. At the climb back under the passage above is flowstone and a natural bridge with small hole down to the left, big drop to the right and a passage far side of the big drop. Traverse over the scaffold pole (traverse rope required) to the passage beyond the big drop that can followed to a choke. This passage had evidence of miners rails and heads under the dry riverbed on the surface. From the bridge it is possible to climb down the small hole to the top of a waterfall. Climb down the left hand side of the waterfall to the base of South Avens. Crawl through the small rift at the base of the chamber through into the main stream passage of New Goyden pot. Upstream leads to the duck whilst downstream leads to the aven and SRT route into the system. Refer to New Goyden Pot for a description of the rest of the system.


Chris Camm and Chris Fox while waiting for divers in a project to molephone the location of the Caravan Trail made a prospective look at the mining activity by New Goyden pot and started a dig. This had been previously dug by Harry Long and others who found miners shotholes. The two Chris’s working from the surface were aided by Russ Brooks and Nigel Gatenby prodding boulders in the roof of South Aven inside the cave. They opened Thrope pot in may 2007 providing a climbable entrance in and out of the New Goyden. It was clear from the shotholes and stempled floors that miners had entered South aven many years before cavers discovered New Goyden pot.


Northern Caves 1 Wharfedale & North East

  • Northern Caves Volume 1, Wharfedale and the North-East. Nidderdale section

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