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The British Caving Association is the governing body for underground exploration in the United Kingdom. It represents all those persons and groups with a genuine interest in caves, karst and associated phenomena, whether from a strictly sporting viewpoint, a scientific viewpoint, or a combination of both.

Through close liaison with its member organisation, NAMHO it also seeks to represent and support mining history societies and all those with an interest in the man-made underground environment.

The British Caving Association is a federation of Constituent Bodies, Regional Caving Councils, Clubs and Individuals.

The Constituent Bodies are:

The Regional Caving Councils are responsible for Conservation and Access works in their region. Each Regional Council is responsible for at least one major caving region and some also take responsibility for some of the minor regions.

The Regional Councils are:

The British Caving Association has its own website where minutes, news, contact details and details of the works of the various special committees can be found.

The British Caving Library is administered by the BCRA on behalf of the BCA, and is a communal resource for caving books, journals, ephemera, and an audio archive.

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