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Grid Reference: SS 5742 8868

Bishopston Valley


Length: about 150m

Depth about 10m

The entrance is in the flood channel. It "emits a guzzling sound" and is easy to find. There are two ways on from the entrance; the wet way which is straight ahead through the deep water or the dry way which is a muddy crawl on the left. Both lead to a large but low chamber with two ways on: 1) a passage half full of muddy water which leads to a sump or 2) a duck from which much of the water originates; This leads to a considerable amount of wet crawls. the water from this cave flowes to meander cave.

There is another opening nearby which leads to a tight crawl with small (rather sharp) formations in the roof. This leads around a corner to a very small chamber in which it is just about possible to turn around. A very tight rift with formations in the roof goes straight ahead and several muddy bedding planes lead off. However, the most promising is a clean bedding plane on the right from which the sound of a stream can be heard.

Future prospects: This cave carries most, if not all, of the Bishopston Valley stream so it likely that more passage could be found in this area.

Floods in wet weather.




References and Further Reading

  • The Caves Of The Gower, Tony Oldham.
  • Caves Of South Wales, Tim Stratford.

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