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August 08, 2015, 09:09:38 PM by Pegasus | Views: 2086 | Comments: 33

July 21, 2015, 10:33:34 PM by Pegasus | Views: 2538 | Comments: 29


'If in doubt, bring it out'

Cavers and diggers take kit underground which can get left there, either by accident or design for years, even sometimes for decades.

There are abandoned dig sites scattered throughout the UKís most popular (and obscure) caves and even the most conscientious of cavers have patches fall off their suits or food wrappers worming out of holes in pockets unnoticed. All of which, over time has accumulated into a right old mess in many of our caves and disused mines.

Itís easy to cave past this rubbish as if it belongs there however the reality is that broken drag trays, sweet wrappers & lost knee pads etc simply don't and should be removed.

Thankfully many cavers 'do their bit'... The Buttered Badger Potholing Club for example recently decided to have a go at cleaning up some parts of two of Derbyshireís most popular classic caves- Oxlow Caverns- East Chamber and North Rift in Giantís Hole. They pulled 11 bags of rubbish out in just two trips.

Cavers on Leck Fell have also been busy removing cave clutter:


Discussions between the two have led to a new initiative to help clean up our caves, disused mines and 'above ground' caving sites - shake holes etc:


A significant prize fund valued at over £1500 has been gathered supported by:

CAN Geotechnical Ltd
The Buttered Badgers Potholing Club
The CNCC Conservation Volunteers
Mark Wright Training
The Berger Book
Hitch & Hike


 :thumbsup: Thank you  :thumbsup:

Rewards will be given to those individuals, groups or clubs who help with the clean up, in recognition of their conserv
July 01, 2015, 02:36:10 PM by Pegasus | Views: 2682 | Comments: 31


(Size Large, mens.  Details here:

 :thumbsup: Thank you to Mountain Equipment for generously donating this fab prize to UKC :thumbsup:

Obviously this isn't going to be worn underground, however some lucky soul will be glad of it when getting changed by the side of the road in the pouring rain.  So to win simply post a tale about either: Getting changed before/after caving or why you need a brand new Mountain Equipment, Karakoram Goretex Jacket!!

Best post wins as judged by me as I worked for Mountain Equipment for many years and really like the company  ;D

Closing date 10pm, 31st August 2015

Good luck folks

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