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October 19, 2015, 03:41:37 pm by Pegasus | Views: 2405 | Comments: 39



The winner may chose either a men's or ladies Nebula jacket in the size/colour of their choice (depending on stock availability).  Here's what Rab have to say about their lovely new jacket.....( I added in the bit about getting changed  ;D)

Winter insulation experts Rab have introduced new Cirrus™ technology to their winter 2015 collection.
Rab Cirrus™ takes Rab’s expertise in natural down and mimics it closely in a unique synthetic technology.
Developed in partnership with 3M, Cirrus™ fibres create loft to give the same warmth-to-weight as 600FP
duck down. Rapid drying times make Cirrus™ ideal for mixed and unreliable weather conditions.
Rab’s new Nebula jackets offer cavers the warmth and low weight of natural down jackets in a water resilient, fast-drying package using Cirrus technology - ideal for getting changed on a cold fell in Winter!
The Nebula jacket features a Pertex Endurance shell for increased durability and weather protection, and a
helmet fit hood.
“For Rab, producing the best down products possible is where it all started,” explains Tim Jasper, Head of
Design at Rab. “Now with the introduction of Cirrus™, we have harnessed decades of down expertise to
evolve a synthetic technology that offers a genuine alternative.”
The Nebula jacket is available in men’s S-XXL and women’s 8-16, and the Nimbus in men’s S-XXL.
For more information visit

 :thumbsup: Thank you, Rab for supporting ukcaving  :thumbsup:

Surely every caver has a tale to tell about being cold, tired, exhausted underground and being oh so grateful to finally be out of the cave and getting changed??  Tell us your story by posting here to be in with a chance of winning a warm Rab jacket ready for Winter.

Competition closes midnight on 30th November 2015.

We will compile a (long) short list of the best reports and chose a winner at random from that list. 

So providing some effort is made to tell a good tale of being cold, tired, exhausted underground, everyone is in with a chance of winning!!

Good Luck!!
July 21, 2015, 10:33:34 pm by Pegasus | Views: 6123 | Comments: 69


'If in doubt, bring it out'

Cavers and diggers take kit underground which can get left there, either by accident or design for years, even sometimes for decades.

There are abandoned dig sites scattered throughout the UK’s most popular (and obscure) caves and even the most conscientious of cavers have patches fall off their suits or food wrappers worming out of holes in pockets unnoticed. All of which, over time has accumulated into a right old mess in many of our caves and disused mines.

It’s easy to cave past this rubbish as if it belongs there however the reality is that broken drag trays, sweet wrappers & lost knee pads etc simply don't and should be removed.

Thankfully many cavers 'do their bit'... The Buttered Badger Potholing Club for example recently decided to have a go at cleaning up some parts of two of Derbyshire’s most popular classic caves- Oxlow Caverns- East Chamber and North Rift in Giant’s Hole. They pulled 11 bags of rubbish out in just two trips.

Cavers on Leck Fell have also been busy removing cave clutter:


Discussions between the two have led to a new initiative to help clean up our caves, disused mines and 'above ground' caving sites - shake holes etc:


A significant prize fund valued at over £1500 has been gathered supported by:

CAN Geotechnical Ltd
The Buttered Badgers Potholing Club
The CNCC Conservation Volunteers
Mark Wright Training
The Berger Book
Hitch & Hike


 :thumbsup: Thank you  :thumbsup:

Rewards will be given to those individuals, groups or clubs who help with the clean up, in recognition of their conserv
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