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Ireland / Re: Breifne Caving Club New Webiste
« Last post by Sean the Miner on Today at 11:48:21 pm »

Breifne Caving Club based in the  Fermanagh / Cavan / Leitrim area have a new website.

Very little content on it yet but more to come soon.

Is it just my tablet? But when i hit that link up pops a pr0n site.
The Dales / Re: Rope left, Simpson's Pot, Slit Pot Pitch
« Last post by tras2 on Today at 10:54:53 pm »
Hi Pete,

Phew, we made the right decision  :clap2:

4 members of Morley Pothole Club came down Simpsons today and we found the black rope at Silt Pot.  We were 50-50 to use it, or rig our own.  :-\ In the end we rigged our own rope and found out why it had been left in situ  ::)

Anyway, we decided to pull it down so if anyone else found it they wouldn't use it.  We carried it out and I left it at Inglesport.

I came on here to advertise it and found your post.  So happy end to the day  ;D
Film & Photography / Re: Best Yorkshire Caving Photograph to date?
« Last post by Fulk on Today at 09:49:02 pm »
Is it Hurnel Moss Pot?
According to my logbook Ian took this photograph on 1st December 1973.Apart from Ian and me,the St.Albans cavers were Graham Mosely,Alan Gahagan,Malcolm Lloyd,Ray Baines and Jim Wynn.The caver on the ladder appears to be holding a flashgun and may be Graham Mosely:I wrote "Next Graham went up carrying Ian's electronic flash." The pitch was drier than usual because the weather was particularly cold and snowy and I wrote of the last pitch "The stream was smaller and the spray far less than last time.".
Expeditions & Trips Abroad / Re: Dachstein, Austria Expedition
« Last post by RTurnbull on Today at 09:05:46 pm »
After weeks of preparation, Rachel and Alex finally embark on the two hour hike to Camelot, base camp and home of the expedition for the next three weeks.

The Weisberghaus, an alpine hut of warm hospitality and cool beer, opposite Camelot

The new expedition rope is packed tightly in the seilbahn and en route up the hill. Through the torrential storm, expo vets can be found eating pizza in Obertraun and propping up the bar in Cardiff.
Rachel: So Alex, what’s to do first?
Alex: First job has to be rigging the tarp up at the ‘Wot U Got’ entrance.
Rachel: Why are we doing this?
Alex: It makes a safe kit store, a place to keep the new rope, hangers and bolting gear on the many carries up the hill.
Rachel: Sounds like a good place to shelter if the bad weather comes in.[/size]

As the rain clears, eighteen more keen expedition cavers (including university cavers from Kent, Dublin, Bristol, Leeds, Cardiff, Exeter, Reading, Plymouth and cavers from Australia, Czech Republic, USA and Hungary) can be seen making their way up the hill, ready for adventures and to write their own blog posts.

To be continued... [by someone else!]

Alex (CHD), Liam (UCD), Tom (UCD) and Emily (UCD) working tirelessly to meet the day’s objectives
Calendar of Events / SUICRO 2017 Irish caving forum
« Last post by Sean the Miner on Today at 07:26:14 pm »
Cancel that wedding, reshedule that surgery,  put that corpse on ice.Yes its the biggest Irish caving event of the year.

Read all all about ere....
The Dales / Re: Northern Caves The Three Counties System and the North-West
« Last post by Alex on Today at 06:57:29 pm »
Should be very useful, will probbably I look forward to reading about and then visiting caves in my own neck of the woods I likely never knew existed. I will pick one up at Inglesport next weekend if there are any left. Is it possible to reserve a copy?
Ireland / SUICRO 2017 Irish caving forum 27th-30th Oct
« Last post by Sean the Miner on Today at 06:26:30 pm »
SUICRO is the snappy, quick, efficient way of saying Speleology Union of Ireland - (controversial hyphen) Irish Cave Rescue Organisation annual get together of cavers and underground explorers in Ireland.

This years its been held in Garrison in Fermanagh, near the border with the republic in case anyone wants a quick exit. This year also marks the 20th publication anniversary of Caves of Fermanagh and Cavan so its fitting to be having SUICRO in County Fermanagh..

Garrison is on the shore of Lough Melvin , it has 2 pubs, a general shop, cafes and the Lough Melvin Holiday centre which offers hostel dorms, self catering cottages and camping sites. Just across the road theres Lough Melvin itself with free pitches for camping. Theres b+bs nearby, and Kiltclougher is 5 miles away with more accomodation.

There will be entertainment, pre rigged caves,  talks, competitions, trad music, guest beers and gin, home cooking., a mine site tour, monster raffle, trade stand/shops, pub quiz.and T-shirt shop.

SUICRO is a free to attend event, with funds from the raffle going to ICRO. Tshirt sales help offset event costs.

So avail of out of season ferry tickets or fly into near Derry or Knock airports or blag a lift from Belfast or Dublin.
Rest of The World / Re: Réseau de la Dent de Crolles
« Last post by langcliffe on Today at 05:41:40 pm »
Good work on putting it all together.

Thanks - I've been going to the area since 1968, and my main Chartreuse website has been around since 1998 - but it's work in progress, I'm pleased to say.
Rest of The World / Re: Réseau de la Dent de Crolles
« Last post by Roperat on Today at 05:35:00 pm »
Ah bugger.... again, this description would have been even better a month ago. Haha. Good work on putting it all together.

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