Author Topic: Penyghent Pot: Entrance Unstable  (Read 308 times)

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Penyghent Pot: Entrance Unstable
« on: July 16, 2017, 08:11:39 pm »
Sam Allshorn and myself had a trip into Penyghent Pot today. On exiting we had a go at stabilising a large boulder in the entrance that had a large space beneath it by building up a wall of rock beneath. This seemed to have the effect of destabilising the fill behind the large boulder and Sam noticed it begin to move. After getting above the boulder we both tried jumping on it and it moved a few inches down.  You may wish to take this into account if planning a trip in the near future. There has been some stabilising work done on the entrance recently, with a couple of boulders being capped/snappered to remove some edges and some rebar has been used to pin several boulders together vertically (a method I hadn't seen before which seems quite clever). I believe the NPC are working on the entrance currently. I am not sure exactly who to speak to ffrom the NPC regarding this, but Sam is the Penyghent access officer so he may be the best port of call.
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