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Idle Chat / Re: Calling all bonehead cavers
« Last post by kay on Today at 07:50:00 am »
second = s (abbreviation), very common cryptic crossword device. A rather flabby clue since the "pins down" doesn't have much function except as filling. It certainly doesn't mean "contains" "wraps round" or any other word that would indicate you have to put the "lunk" inside the "peer".

Well done Trogger.

Idle Chat / Re: Best Caving Driving Songs
« Last post by ZombieCake on Today at 02:55:52 am »
There She Goes...
A bunch of allegories...
Driving, addiction to the dig, commitment, and other stuff.........
Idle Chat / Re: Calling all bonehead cavers
« Last post by andybrooks on Today at 01:12:02 am »
It's gotta be spelunker.  Lousy clue, though.  Bonehead = lunk, and second look = s-peer somehow.
Mendip / Who Are these People?
« Last post by ZombieCake on Today at 01:05:31 am »
Took these at Tony Knibb's wake at Swildon's.  Don't know who they are, and would love to send them a print, as it was such an amusing yet poignant moment.  I understand the purveyor of fine wines is Zot.  Piccies severely compressed to be allowed to upload here.
Idle Chat / Calling all bonehead cavers
« Last post by Trogger on Today at 12:15:48 am »
Stuck on this cryptic clue from last weekend's crossword:

"Second look pins down bonehead caver" (9).      S---U----.

Am pretty sure the S and U are correct. Any suggestions?  With explanation too please, if not obvious.
Idle Chat / Re: Words of Wisdom
« Last post by ZombieCake on Today at 12:03:24 am »
"The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success."  Bruce Feirstein

I'm probably miles away. Or very close. Or possibly miles away, but there again seems a bit closer.... Don't know who Bruce is - did he do a generation game or put a shrimp on the barbie?
Film & Photography / Re: Aspect Ratio
« Last post by ZombieCake on Yesterday at 11:33:48 pm »
Thanks for the replies I was having a rather bad printing day. Was referring (rather badly on re-reading so apologies there) to 4:3 taken to the fill frame & printing to 3:2 paper and so losing a bit of the image and my daftness for setting it all wrong in the first place.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Still, a good time to buy shares in Canon ink  :'(
It was discussed at the weekend that perhaps a few examples of good practice around the country (edit:insert "UK") could sway their opinion. It would be great to see this in action, as i know A LOT of GOOD work is done by cavers across the country (for free) it would be a shame to see this free work going to waste when we could simply state the case of how good relations are in other counties and how good it could be in the clwydian range.
That is the irony, they have no bloody idea.
I have offered to take them underground to no avail.
But with a bit of trust and give and take they would :thumbsup:
Cave Science / Re: The untapped scientific potential in caves on the clwydian range
« Last post by AR on Yesterday at 10:02:55 pm »
I'm curious as to how NRW monitor the condition of underground features of importance in their SSSIs, given that in England this is done on a voluntary basis by cavers?
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