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Devon and Cornwall / Re: Bakers Pit broken into again....
« Last post by royfellows on Today at 02:27:04 pm »
But that's what happens when skeletons spend too much time in the sun. Now people go brown, so trolls would have nothing to complain about.
BCA / Re: Check your junk mail
« Last post by yrammy on Today at 02:24:22 pm »
We would have y-hanging chads.
BCA / Re: Check your junk mail
« Last post by Jenny P on Today at 02:06:17 pm »
Actually, this problem was identified fairly early on due to a query from SUSS to DCA/BCA.  Their rep. pointed out that many students used their smart phones to access the internet and didn't own a laptop or a printer.

One answer suggested was for the club secretary to print off a batch of blank forms to hand out to the student members; then each student could complete their own paper form, using the 8-figure code which they would have received via their smartphone.  The completed forms could then be collected up by the club secretary and sent back in a batch - each completed form would be valid because it would have the individual's code no.

In fact I found that the Word version of the ballot paper didn't download properly so could't be completed online (a fault with my non-standard system I suspect, nowt to do with BCA) - so I have printed the last page of the pdf version, completed it in ink and will post it back.

Don't forget this is the very first time that BCA has ever tried to run a ballot by email; many and  various glitches have been found and circumvented along the way.  It's been a huge learning process for all of us but the work that has been done this time should pay off the next time BCA runs a ballot. 

Democracy is hard work!  (At least we don't have "hanging chads" - remember them?)

Idle Chat / Re: Total Solar Eclipse
« Last post by andybrooks on Today at 02:05:13 pm »
My closeup shots were fuzzy, but not so evident in smaller shots like these (photo editing by MS Paint).  See you in 2024 - I'm in Texas and looking forward to it!
Devon and Cornwall / Re: Bakers Pit broken into again....
« Last post by tony from suffolk on Today at 12:25:35 pm »
Newbie = Newbie Troll.

Apologies for stating the obvious but how do you know I am a white man when my avatar suggests that I have been dead for quite some time.
Well, you have got a white skellington!
Film & Photography / Re: Best photography quote / interview?
« Last post by paul on Today at 12:05:19 pm »
"If you find yourself in a situation where you could either save a drowning man or you could take a Putlitzer prize winning photograph of him drowning, what shutter speed and setting would you use?" Paul Harvey
Devon and Cornwall / Re: Bakers Pit broken into again....
« Last post by paul on Today at 11:56:06 am »
Global Moderator Comment Thread unlocked again. Please behave.
Idle Chat / Re: Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.
« Last post by andys on Today at 11:37:41 am »
Apparently, someone has been shot with a starter pistol at the athletics track.

Police think it was race related.
Idle Chat / Re: Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.
« Last post by Laurie on Today at 11:23:06 am »
I said to the baker, "How come all your cakes are £1 and that one's £5 ?"

He said, "That's Madeira Cake"
Expeditions & Trips Abroad / Re: a 2nd -2000m cave is born
« Last post by Huge on Today at 11:10:20 am »
There is a Channel 4 series on at the moment - Levison Wood walking the Caucasus. I did wonder if he'd be going through Abkhazia, where the deep caves are but it looks like he's travelling on the Northern side of the mountains mostly. Interesting first episode anyway.

Let me know when you're down my way next Graigwen, I'd like to finally meet up. Maybe I could even give you're interesting CD collection a listen!

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