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White Lady - Dive - 07/08/16
« on: August 14, 2016, 10:04:26 am »
Divers - Ewan, Fee & Rupert

Water levels - high but levels dropping  due to past rain

We set out from the Bear camp over into the wilds of South Wales with the objective for diving White Lade a cave that both myself and Fee have visited in the past. It was not going to be such a enjoyable experience as last time we visited the site. After parking and the wet and muddy carry to the entrance at the end of the lovely looking gorge we used a rope attached to a tie off to lower kit and divers (Rope is needed 10m) all kitted up and a relaxing walk into a number of chest deep pools leads us to dive base and a line tie off on the left hand wall. Dive order was set to be myself, Fee & Rupert and we had a plan to lay line to the right passage that leads to the Abyss and then have a go at taking some data from the line to make a basic line diagram afterwards. As soon as we got in the water I could tell this was going to be hard work vis was really poor and route finding was hard going we moved to the right wall and line was going down but I was unknown to myself moving towards the centre of the sump. Meeting the slight rise of the floor instead of following it up and right I followed it to the left and did a 180 back to my own line a quick reel back in and we turned the dive to head the short swim back to dive base to have a chat. We changed the order and made a new plan at dive base Fee was going to blaze the trail to the Abyss and we set back off now as number two I had a good chance to have a better look around when fee was dealing with the line and it was evil after the mass of rain loads of sticks, leaves and nasty wire in parts are in the sump in every small pocket that would hold it. In the grim conditions we decided to turn back once more and leaving line in place for now we went back to dive base.

After a brake we did some lost line drills and retrieved the line and had time to chat about the dives and what we could do better but sadly I feel that on this day it was mostly down to the water conditions and resent rain in the area. All round a fun day and learned a lot and most of all never be afraid to turn the dive if its just not the right conditions on the day. The cave is not going anywhere and we can re visit

Epic day
Ewan Cameron

P.s. Sorry no photos 

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