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    Carabiner lost on Daren Cilau through trip

    Aluminium screwgate carabiner lost on through trip from old entrance series to Ogof Cnwc. Most probably  lost at Trickle in the ear squeeze of old entrance series. Thanks for its return.
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    Discoveries in Ogof Igam-Ogam 1988-2018

    Below is a link to an article on exploration work in Ogof Igam-Ogam by CroydonCC and CDG members. Meant to be appearing in the CroydonCC Newsletter Pelobates 96 in the not too distant future. https://www.croydoncavingclub.org.uk/pelobates96OIO Includes bonus non- paperless (Therion) survey!
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    Free dive fins.

    Free Technisub NASA dive fins with straps. Looks like size small as probably can't get a Wellington boot into them. Also another pair of small fins without straps available. Collect from Caterham/ Surrey area or will be in S.Wales early/ mid February.
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    Reservoir Hole access

    I would be grateful if somebody told me the email details for Martin Grass that I might book a trip into Reservoir Hole. I tried the email in Mendip Underground but this does not seem to get through.
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    Earthquake in S. Wales 17th February 2018

    I noted with interest on the Pikedaw Calamine Caverns thread that an article on earthquakes and caves is due to appear in Descent.   My own personal experience of an earthquake underground was in Ogof Igam-Ogam in the Little Neath River valley on the 17th Feb. 2018. The cave is situated on a...
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    Lost dive knife and search spool in Liygad Llwchwr

      The above was lost either in sumps 1 and 2 or the stream passage in between of Llygad Lllwchwr. Dive knife has yellow handle and the spool a blue bungee cord attached. If anybody manages to find them thanks for their return.
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    Battery box clip for Petzl duo

    Has anybody got a  battery box clip/ battery box for the Petzl duo?