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    Rhino Rift - Right Hand Route

    Quite right, I'd forgotten that. Pity it's not used any longer.
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    Rhino Rift - Right Hand Route

    Some years ago when I worked for Cheddar Caves I went to enormous trouble to develop a training route, now known as Castle's Great Hairy Ring (not named by me!) in the Black Cat Chamber of Gough's Cave to address this very problem. The first part had been bolted by Andy Sparrow and I extended it...
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    Is the Hunters opening on July 4th? I suppose it is, just checking, got some friends visiting. Thanks
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    Litter in Fairy Cave Quarry

    Someone's had a party in the quarry, there's a heap of bottles on the right hand section as  you go in towards Quarter Way Up Hole. On the right  against the face near the start. I didn't have a bag or anything, I'll take one next time.  Maybe someone will see this and clear the mess up.
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    Belt and krab outside the Tradesman's Entrance to Goatchurch on 9/6/19.
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    Goatchurch Cavern

    A colleague and I were discussing the date that Goatchurch became a short-lived showcave. He thought it was 1901, I thought I'd read an article saying it was later, 1913. However, I can't find the article, it's not in the UBSS Proceedings but the article giving 1901 is. Did I dream it or make it...
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    Elm Cave

    Could someone familiar with Eastern Mendip tell me  if there is access to this cave and how to find it? I know you can't get to it from Fordbury Bottom and I wandered around below Tedbury Quarry without luck. Thanks Chris
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    Rusland or Rusling Farm Pot

    Just out of interest but does anyone know what became of this cave?
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    Cheddar CC On-line log book

    I wrote a brief report which has not appeared on the recent topics page, because, I think,we haven't used it for a long time. However, it is here on the Mendip section.
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    I was down there today with the Cheddar CC and there is a strong and very unpleasant smell of diesel, so bad it made one of our number feel rough and we cut our trip short. I tried to inform the Cambrian CC but the Contact Us button did not work. Chris
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    DIY Express in Shepton Mallet have Dunlop boots at ?4.99, sizes 7 to 12. Going fast!
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    Trainers' advice

    I have heard, secondhand, that some CICs who are LCLMA assessors are saying that devices such as Tiblocks, Stops and jammers should not be used by Level 1 qualified leaders for hauling or protection as they are only for Level 2. This seems to be so ridiculous that it is hard to credit, and most...
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    Heale Farm Cave

    Has anyone obtained access to this cave recently? I've just tried to organise a club trip but they wanted copies of our insurance (which we don't have) and a risk assessment to include our impact on bats. I couldn't get this done in time, and I don't know if it's worth the trouble. Chris
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    Found Watch

    Found, a watch outside Swildon's Hole 19th June. Chris Castle
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    Tom Chapman

    Would someone send me Tom's mobile number please - I've lost it and have no other contact. I need him in a very squalid part of Gough's. Chris