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    Harry Long's caving book is out at last!

    I also know Harry had a job where extended holidays where difficult and and quitting work wasn't an option. Plus personal circumstances. Not necessarily about the cost
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    Harry Long's caving book is out at last!

    Think it's more back in the day, especially, family commitments and ability to get time off work
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    Suspension Trauma

    Catastrophic bleed - in life threatening situation only. Generally after direct pressure failure..... Though in some circumstances (within you skill set) first action ie some RTCs
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    GEO Headtorches

    I've been using Sorfin SP40 - single 18560 cell Zebralite clone, for while now. Fits nicely with my Phaethon and means I have interchangeable batteries.... I always carry 2 spare batteries. Plus the one in the Sorfin now. It's stood up to everything including several lake swims
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    Environmental water “control”

    Another step to reclaiming our claim as the Dirty Old Man of Europe. Even more galling is that the UK was one if not the principal drivers for water quality improvements in the EU
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    Caves closest to pubs

    But it's shut more often
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    Petzl Adjust Review

    Kong Slyde seems to cope with mud a bit better
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    Why do you do this for fun?

    It beats doing the housework
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    Helmet recomendations

    Second most comfortable after the good old Phoenix Alpine
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    Hidden Earth 2023 - We're Back!

    Whats the cost this year?
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    For anyone who remembers Paul Reinsch from Wharfedale

    Cheers. Paul was one of the first people I got to know when I joined UWFRA twenty odd years ago
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    Martyn Farr's Hidden Realms

    Not 100% The flag quarries around Bradford are underground.... They are called quarries in their name and are quarries on all the legal documents. That definition only considers the 2 in terms of The Quarries Regulations 1999 and the Mines Regulations 2014. There is a load of practice/...
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    Martyn Farr's Hidden Realms

    Certainly on this area - North & West Yorkshire, mine refers to metal and mineralised extrations and quarry is "rock". Be ut above or below ground. Flag stone and sandstone quarries -above and below ground , Fire Clay mines (or pits)
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    Opinions wanted

    Yauta glyphs