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    Mining books for sale

    Mining books for sale 1. Dolaucothi-pumpsaint  Survey & Excavations at a Roman Gold-mining Complex 1987-1999. 2004. Hardback. 339pp. As new.  Best offer over ?30 2. The Ecton Copper Mines 1967by Nellie Kirkham & Trevor Ford. Offers 3. Weardale Mines.  Offers 4. The Berehaven Copper Mines. ...
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    Flintshire Lead Mining website

    Just a quick update: The original website ?Flintshire Lead Mining? is no longer editable, and has been deleted. The new version can now be found here: kindly hosted by Roy Fellows on his Cambrian Mines Trust website.
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    Caves of North Wales website

    Just a quick update: The original website ?Caves of North Wales? is no longer editable, and has been deleted. The new version (with one or two additions) can now be found here: kindly hosted on the Cambrian Caving Council website.
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    Unhelpful National Museum of Wales

    If anyone wants to use photos from the British Museum, they are all available free of charge, and can be used on websites or in articles or books. However, the National Museum of Wales is very different: If they have photographed the item you want, such as bones from caves, then for anything...
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    How to fix a cree torch to helmet?

    I have a couple of these small and cheap, yet powerful Cree LED torches similar to this: Rather than re-invent the wheel, I feel sure that others will be able to tell me a simple and cheap method of fixing them to the side of a helmet? Thanks.
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    Cave Hunting by Dawkins

    Just a heads up: There's an 1874 first edition of Cave Hunting by Boyd Dawkins on Ebay starting at ?30.... if anyone fancies a bargain.
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    Last minute hotel within 20 miles of Ingleton?

    Was booked in at the Marton Arms for tomorrow and Friday (a Travel Zoo voucher), but only heard an hour ago that it's closed down!! So can anyone suggest a half decent hotel, cosy with bar, for two retired cavers with cameras, that's reasonably priced? Short notice I know, but worth asking.
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    Suggested photogenic walk-in entrances?

    I'll be based in Ingleton for a couple of days from this Thursday, but only on a photographic trip (beats all that mud and filth!). So could anyone suggest three or four photogenic entrances suitable to get shots from inside looking out? Active resurgences preferably, but anything not requiring...
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    FOR SALE - three cave art books

    I am selling three books (as one sale): The Seven Caves, by Carleton S. Coon (1957). 338 pages. Hardback. Good condition. With d/w. Lascaux & Carnac, by Glyn Daniel (1955). 127 pages. Hardback. Ex library. Good condition. No d/w. Prehistoric Cave Paintings, by Rebecca B. Marcus (1970). 88 pages...
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    Books for sale

    Please just ask for photos and descriptions (bargain prices for quick sale, plus postage of course)..... "Cave Hunting" by Boyd Dawkins. First 1874 edition. 455 pages: .......................... ?100 "Underground Worlds or Life Below the Surface" by Knox. 1882. 1016 pages:......... ?30...
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    For Sale: 52 old cave postcards

    The collection of 52 includes 26 from Mendip (Cox's and Gough's), 15 other UK caves (Poole's, Speedwell, Kent's Cavern etc), and 11 foreign caves. How's about ?20 for the lot?
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    For Sale: Three old prints of Weathercote Cave

    The three prints are by William Westall, but are a little foxed and browning around the edges, so not good condition. Please get in touch if interested and make an offer.
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    New URL for Caves of North Wales website

    Anyone attempting to access the website: "Caves of North Wales" will find it has been replaced, and the original URL brings up a "Site not found" notice. A new, almost identical site can now be found here: There's an explanation on the new...
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    Gus Horsley - Anyone have any contact details?

    The subject says it all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Seeking info from Descent 135

    Does anyone have a copy of Descent Issue 135? I am trying to obtain a copy of the text of an obituary relating to the late Mel Davies. I will happily buy the mag, but I really only require the text. Any help would be appreciated.