• Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023 - Sat 30th September - It's On!

    The event is now being held at the Mechanics Institute in the centre of Eyam (opposite the church), still on Saturday 30th September, with doors opening at 15:00. Best bit is that there is a bar on site.

    Entry is free and there will be evening meal also. More details to follow...

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    Cave snacks

    Usually I have a chocolate bar in my pocket. If i'm feeling fancy I take baby bells, the wax seems to make them cave proof
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    CUCC Austria Expedition 2023 blog

    Written as we (Mealy, Jonty, Emily) made slow progress through endless traffic in Germany on our route back to the UK. Finished at home with working internet. In an attempt not to repeat Honorata’s write up… I’ll briefly summarise week 1: First caving(?) trip was spent digging the entrance for...
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    Newby Moss Pot

    Chi and I went to Newby Moss Pot today after some difficulty locating it! However, were stumped at the first pitch after manoeuvring our way through the awkward tight crawl/climbs we arrived at the first pitch and found a spit thread but no spit or other bolt as we were expecting. So are...
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    Simple problems with simple solutions

    I agree it is a pity it does not say petzl or simple, that would amuse me. The Savlon was located!
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    Simple problems with simple solutions

    It was long enough! Long enough to discover hot hurty. Maybe about 30 seconds
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    Simple problems with simple solutions

    On a nice JH to titan trip I thought I had the ultimate solution to caving with period pain. The ready-made heat pad of my descender. However this turned out to be a terrible idea (see photo of the branding). So I will now depart my newly discovered wisdom: simples can get rather hot! The...
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    CUCC Austria Expedition 2022 blog

    Connecting fishface to happy butterfly At the end of week 2 the kresh set out with the plan to connect fishface to happy butterfly. After looking at the surveys we (with much help from Mike) highlighted 4 possible areas in fishface that we thought we could connect from. On Monday morning...
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    Warning Croesor Rhosydd

    Bscc had a trip there today and we had some issues in the chamber of Horrors, I.e the boat the chamber. We were using the lovely pulley system but as we were pulling the pulley popped out on the other side. Meaning the boat is now only attached on the croesor side. So if you were to approach...
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    Hunting for old members of Bangor uni caving club

    We are hoping we might be able to track down some old members of the club. Mainly because of one quite pressing question. We?ve got the old logo and have been busy colouring it and bringing it into the 21st century. But none of us knows what is in Stig?s right hand? Here is a list of suggestions...
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    Left kit in Pandora

    We (Bangor Student Caving Club/BSCC) had a trip to Pandora this afternoon. The trip good, but a bit of a shit show. Consequently we've got some gear left in there and we're hoping to go and retrieve it in the next couple of days so if you're down there please could you leave it where it is! Or...
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    Poachers cave

    Bangor student caving club had our first freshers trip last week to Nadolig and Poachers. Whilst in Poachers we had a decent sized rock fall (big piece being about 2x1x1/2ft) on the first handline in the lower series. Fortunately everyone was stood out the way of it when it flew down the...