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    Improving opportunities to access the outdoors for responsible recreation

    Not sure whether this has been seen or not but, I thought that I'd put it here just in case! According to the web site, the deadline for submissions is the 2nd October. Has this already been seen and dealt with by the BCA....or is this the wrong place for this info...
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    Thrupe Lane Swallet

    Has anyone got any news regarding an update on how things are going with Thrupe after it was closed dues too flooding etc? I had a look on the CSCC web site, but could find nothing on there mentioned since last year. Cheers Tim
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    Had a great trip into Swildons today.......First time I had been in there for some time. Hardly anyone else in there which is a bonus, but it was nice to bump into Mark Helmore who I haven't seen for a long while and have a little chin-wag..... :) I see that the recent rains and subsequent...