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    Cryptic caves

    Could well be The Trident in OFD then. I think that's Andy's if correct.
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    Trouble at t'Cressbrook Mill

    Not suggesting this is in the same league or even remotely what's happening in Cressbrook, but that American conspiracy nut is making millions from health supplements. Is it a suggestibility thing, you create an in group, then, pow... grift them with everything you've got?
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    Trouble at t'Cressbrook Mill

    Is she the TV "celeb" then? I thought it would be someone like David Icke or Rolf Harris.
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    Extracting data from the Web

    Node .JS is also good for this kind of stuff.
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    Lumb Hole

    Judging by the blurb on the website, the spring (and woods) are seen as a resource. Presumably they'll need an abstraction license fo that. And who is the mystery ex celebrity?
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    Underground Golf!

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    Lumb Hole

    Sounds like it's a bunch of yoghurt weaving nutjobs.
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    Corris Mines

    Thanks Chris.
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    Corris Mines

    Thanks for that.
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    Corris Mines

    Is there any access to any of these at the moment? The only things I've done in Corris are Ratgoed, the hole on the other side of the valley containing the crane, and the tourity boaty thing. Although interested in surface remains if there's no underground access.
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    Cryptic caves

    Highly tentative, but in order to get the ball moving again. The Tolkien reference is presumably An Ent. Crown Inn Swallet I can get 'All Rise' from that, but not an Ent as well. However, my super duper Cave-Name-Length-o-matic™ system only came up with that and Piece End Swallet (which looks...
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    Very silly pics

    Abbots Langley - You'll Never Leave!
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    Alderley Edge new discovery?

    Is it the copper, some copper compounds being fungicides?
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    Best Ever Tory Leadership Song

    Surely it's this
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    Sheep rescue

    Probably the one at around SH 5383 5329 if an open, fall-downable stope. Not too deep those. I had a look years ago and found out I couldn't get back out. Not without building a big cairn to stand on anyway. I notice a lot of this land is now open access, even the bit to the south of the...