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Recent content by Tim Pickering

  1. Tim Pickering

    White Scar cave access

    We've had the odd caver coming up enquiring about existing bookings so just a reminder that caving access has been temporarily suspended until an unstable section of the route onwards has been rendered safe. Members of CPC are currently working on that. Hopefully this will be completed by the...
  2. Tim Pickering

    White Scar Cave - tour guides/caf? staff

    We are currently recruiting new tour guides to add to our existing team. If you are over 18 years of age, enjoy talking with the public and leading school groups, and want to work in a unique environment then send your C.V. to info@whitescarcave.co.uk or call the duty manager on 01524 241244. We...
  3. Tim Pickering

    Lead mines/caves with calcite formations under dressing areas

    I'm doing a spot of research into lead speciation in relation to historic mining activity in the Dales. I'm currently trying to identify a suitable site but it's proving a little tricky. For example, I thought Faggergill might be a good option but there is little information online and I've not...
  4. Tim Pickering

    WANTED - Battery box for Nova 3

    This is a long shot but does anyone have a battery box with the two-pin socket for a Speleo Technics Nova 3 lamp? The +ve lead has snapped where it goes into the grey moulded plastic that connects to the socket. It's proving to be a pain getting the damned thing out of the housing as it appears...
  5. Tim Pickering

    LUSS NCHECC report

    After a bit of a late set-off from Lancaster University campus (mainly because of Tim?s late arrival ? no surprises there!), a couple of pick-ups, lots of rearranging of gear and a quick beer run, we finally made it to Bull Pot farm having safely negotiated the pot-holes in the road, which had...
  6. Tim Pickering

    Rugged phone for underground

    TopoDroid won't work on my smartphone for some reason. I'm not tech-savvy so even with advice from the developer I can't get a compatible version. So I'm thinking about buying a relatively cheap smartphone purely for caving purposes and was looking at the Landrover waterproof/shockproof...