Anyone Got a Cave, Passage, Formation to Name?


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We capped about 3m in the dig today could name that but it seems rather small to be named after the queen's Jubilee.


I 'explored' some new passage beyond Sump 5 in Otter Hole on Thursday, that slowly closed down to a dead end with no air flow after about 12m. If if had gone, it would have doubtless had a jubilee themed name, but as it is, I don't think it quite warrants naming.

Spotted a more promising lead beyond Sump 6, but didn't have time to dig the plug of mud out the entrance and see if it's a goer. Fresh air in that one at least and can see about 10m in caver sized passage... Perhaps if that one goes, it can get a back-dated jubilee name...


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'Gawd Bless 'Er Passage'. Or 'Never Mind The Boulder Choke', depending on your outlook.


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I listened into a conversation on this very subject at the weekend. Someone, may the good lord cut their head off with an axe, suggested a 'Cromwell Corner'.
I presume the decapitation will happen after they've been dead for eighteen months?


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Hahah, that last one's currently being analysed right now, and it's not looking good for the orange-face, though not so bad for the angelic daughter. So I guess that's another Disappointment Rift right there.