Asking for your opinions

When would you attend Mendip Cavefest

  • April/May 2021

    Votes: 4 9.8%
  • August 2021

    Votes: 8 19.5%
  • Either of the above

    Votes: 4 9.8%
  • None of the above, but I'd come on a different date

    Votes: 1 2.4%
  • I won't be coming to Cavefest Mendip

    Votes: 24 58.5%

  • Total voters


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Hello everyone.

I hope you are well and staying safe.
With our current situation the way it is, i cant help wondering if things will ever really be the same again. Our lives are changing, our thoughts and priorities are different now, and endless uncertainty is taking its toll on us all.
I understand that life is on hold for so many of us, and keeping safe is everones concern, but as an optimist,  i cant help but to look to the future with my rose tinted glasses and think of creating good times to look forward to. 

Your opinions matter to me, and it is here that i ask for yours.

With all CavefestUK events cancelled this year, we look to next year in hope, and with positivity and ask the question openly.
Would you consider a Mendip festival event being held in April/May 21 too early, or is an August 21 date more appealing.
Needless to say, the Corona virus restrictions and future possible developments have, and will continue to govern options and choices regardless of any plans laid. Im asking you to answer this with hope in mind.

Thank you for your time.
Stay safe, protect the NHS, save lives and keep positive.




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August is more expedition season rather than May, so an August date might stop some folk attending who'd like to be there?

The second half of May is GG winch meet time, however - perhaps not ideal.

(Just chucking both thoughts in, so they're borne in mind.)


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Sorry, I've edited this, I thought you were talking about May and August this year which is obviously not going to happen. Next year, no idea.

I think our lives will return to more or less how they were before it will just take ages. We'll have to re-thing how we manage people flying everywhere, and depending on how and if the economy recovers we might not want to fly as much but it will be reet.


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I thought he was asking about next year though. Sadly, the Bratf'd's GG meet is off for this year.


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There is, of course, a GG meet in August as well but it tends to be a bit earlier in the month than it used to be. HardenClimber may know the dates of next year's August GG meet. I'm sure he'll post on here when he does


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Thank you for the added poll pete. Very much appreciated.

Its good to see the thoughts coming in. All of which are noted.
Gaping Gill
Our planned dates for the meet are 7th August to 23rd August, public week 14th to 21st.

Obviously, it is very uncertain whether this will go ahead, not least because we need to service some of our engineering and this is difficult at present.

We are keeping things under review (and considering other options) and I will post when we have a clear plan.

Sorry for the lack of an answer!


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