Cardiff (or Bristol) to the North


Can anyone help- I'm trying to get our exped ropes from Cardiff (or somewhere near - could probably get them to Bristol for example) to somewhere in the North - ideally the Dales, Huddersfield, Sheffield or Nottingham areas, but could potentially pick up from other locations. Would need to arrive before 12th August. If you can help please let me know :)
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Still looking for anyone who could help with this (Cardiff/Bristol/Forest of Dean to Yorkshire/Peak). We can help with fuel money.

Alternatively, if anyone knows a cheap way of couriering nearly a km of rope and some other stuff cheaply and safely for sensible money, that would also be good...


Check out Parcel2go - I’ve been sending fairly large, heavy boxes for about £15 a time. Dirt cheap really - cheaper than fuel to Bristol and back from Cardiff