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Catterline-Dunnotar coast


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Has anybody had a look at the caves on the strech of coast between Catterline and Dunnotar (Aberdeenshire/Grampian) ?

The OS maps list caves at maiden Kaim, Tremuda Bay, Mons Craig, Turturra Heughs, Trelung Ness, Henry's Scorth,south Hare Craig ant The Garran and there is also Maws Craig down at Kinnef which may be of interest.

I cant find any info on any them. Im guessing these will most likely be sea caves. Access to the surrounding land might not be easy althought there seems to be a short strech of footpath close to Crawton


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Yes...  There is a book:

TREMUDA BAY CAVES NGR NO 979 827 Landranger 45 Dunnottar, Aberdeenshire
On the coast about 1? miles south of Stonehaven.  At the southern end of the bay there is a long gallery cave at the above NGR and a sea cave nearby.  There is another sea cave in the north eastern end of the bay which goes through the headland at NO 881 831 and another in a second headland a little south of this.

TREMUDA BAY CAVES NGR NO 979 827 Landranger 45 Dunnottar, Aberdeenshire
BC 94-95 30
New Statistical Account 1845 11 213  A sea cave called The Long Gallery, 150 yards long, goes through a headland.
Oldham. Tony 2007 The Remaining Caves of Scotland 57
Salvona 1985 News from Scotland.  The British Caver 94-94 Spring-Summer  1985 30
Simpson, W Douglas, 1971  Dunnottar Castle historical and descriptive.  Miles & Wylles, Aberdeen.  27, 56.
Stuart, J 1822 An account of some subterraneous habitations in Aberdeenshire.  Archaeologia Scotica 2  54-58
Ward Lock & Co ND [c1910] Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Aberdeen, Deeside and Donside, Huntly, Cruden Bay, and the Moray Firth Coast.  30



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Cheers Tony, flip knows how I missed that entry. Time to admit defeat and get an eye test  ;)

That seems to cover the four more northerly ones at least.

Might drag a camera up there next spring.


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Catterline to Stonehaven has a rich lot of sea- caves most easily visited by kayak - starting from Stonehaven or Catterline and provided the swell is low.

http://registry.gsg.org.uk/sr/registrysearch.php  has quite a bit of info  including the recently recorded Trough Cove which has 3 entrances and 4 tunnels totalling 270 m.  It is part of the Fowlsheugh cliffs just north of Crawton.  It is (currently) the second longest sea-cave in Scotland to Holl o' Boardie, Papa Stour, Shetland (350m)