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Dales to Cheshire (Crewe / Nantwich area)


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Could do with getting the lead shot belt I advertised free to a good home from the Dales (Clapham area) to Audlem.
The recipient could meet you at Junction 16 on the M6 if need be (where there's a good place just off the M6). It's not massively urgent. Can anyone help?


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Yes I travel down there every week and I likely know exactly who and where it’s going to. There can’t be many cavers in audlem. If you can get it Kendal. How do pm?


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Nantwich is where I grew up! And Audlem was well in the catchment for the high school i went to. Didn’t know there were any cavers in audlem.


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Just so everyone knows, we now have a firm plan to sort this one, thanks to Loki (and two other folk not on here). The weightbelt started its convoluted journey to Cheshire a couple of days ago, by initially heading northwards! (Interesting logistics; assuming it all works it'll be quite satisfying!)