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Disappointment Trilogy


Torca la Decepción video trilogy! Three videos about the extensions in Torca la Decepción (Disappointment Pot, site 4732) are now on YouTube. The summer 2022 extensions linked into Cueva Hoyuca in two places, brought the length of the Four Valleys System to over 70km and provided the first Riaño to Matienzo underground through trip.
1: 12th and 13th August, 2022: Rigging "Grand Slam" and exploring north to reach Cueva Hoyuca - almost!
2: 16th August: Excavating a through trip: Cueva Hoyuca to Disappointment Pot.
3: Torca la Decepción - Upstream Avens and the Rocky Horror link.


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Great videos! Thanks for posting Juan. That looks like a very significant breakthrough. Matienzo just keeps giving. I'll definitely have to go back before long.