Disto X2 component swap shop


Having jumped the gun buying a cheap X310 and, assuming they turn up, surplus bluetooth module, accelerometer and STM32, I'm now a bit committed on building a Disto board to make use of them (I know, I know :cry:. )

Currently trawling through the various suppliers, some components are easy to find, others less so and subject to either long lead times or mad handling/US delivery costs.

I thought since a lot of these little SMD bits are as cheap to buy in bulk or subject to minimum quantities, there may be a bit of surplus out there - so, if anyone has anything gathering dust and wants to recoup some outlay, trade for other bits etc. this may be a handy thread through which to do it.
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Mr Mike

If you PM / email me a list of what parts you need I can see what I can do for you. I regulary buy alot from the US so if its from Mouser or Digikey could tag yours on.


Thanks to Mike I'm pretty well sorted for everything apart from the PAN1026A. The supply I thought I had failed and in an odd twist of rubbing my nose in it was the one thing I assumed to be the key to unlocking the distox2 conundrum...

So - is there the slightest chance anyone has a couple of spare ones lying around?


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Hey guys, jumping on the thread as it’s the latest Disto one. Is there any chatter about upgrading the newer disto x3 to have a compass? It’s seems a pity it has the incline built in but you can’t send the two measurements at once