Free ladders


I am going to skip these ladders shortly unless someone wants them. A 5m and 10m 3mm with 12” spacing. Although visibly undamaged they are decades old and I don’t 100% trust galvanised wire over time. I can leave somewhere in Dales. I am def not saying you can hang your life on them but maybe someone has another use in a dig or something. I don’t want to post them.



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Must be somebody at the winch meet who can get them down to Mendip for corrective surgery!

Ian Ball

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Don't you always use a lifeline?
If it was the skip or me I'd definitely take them off your hands, but they'd probably sit in the garage for another decade.


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We'll have them. Or one of them. Always useful in our digging exploits. Based in the Fales and you can leave at Inglesport for me to pick up anytime. Let me know cheers