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Goodbye Plastic Cards!

Goodbye plastic cards!
For years the BCA has been issuing plastic membership cards, that last for one year and then expire. This year the BCA introduced ecards, to move with the times and reduce the carbon footprint associated with printing thousands of plastic cards per year, and the packaging them to ship all round the country and even internationally. (although for 2024 renewals we still sent plastic cards if they were specifically requested.)
The current BCA card printer is the second one we have owned and has printed nearly 25,000 membership cards! That is nearly 120kg of plastic membership cards!
However we don't wish to alienate our members who don't have internet or smart phones so, whilst we will no longer be issuing plastic cards, members will be able to request a physical card that will be printed and posted. The new cards will be printed on card - like a business card. See example below!
new card.jpg
Just to add - we will shortly be selling the BCA plastic card printer - if any caving clubs or groups are interested please get in touch!
(message me on here, or email membership(at)british-caving.org.uk)