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Joujar - deep cave in Iran


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I understand Joujar was pushed to below 1000m by an Iranian team. I've done a couple of searches to find an update or even the exact depth with no luck. the info which comes up seems quite old. Anyone find some information? Cheers

David Rose

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Ghar Jojar is 1,300 metres deep, according to the list published by the late Bob Gulden, who passed away in December. Badlad, you will remember Nazanin Yaghmaei, an Iranian caver we met in Mexico in 2017, when we laser scanned La Muneca. She was part of the exploration team. At that point it had breached the 1,000-metre level but was still going. She said the expedition plan for that summer was to spend most of its time re-rigging the cold, wet pitches in the cave's lower reaches. It sounded like a very hard trip, with the entrance 10 hours walk from the nearest road at an altitude of 3,000 metres, and a huge entrance pitch descent alongside a melting ice plug. Gustavo Vela, the Mexican photographer, was also on that Muneca trip and had been to Jojar, and said it was an extremely tough experience.

I was informed a while back that Nazanin had died in a car crash, though I don't know if for sure that is true. But I have Gustavo's email address, if you want it - my guess is he has a lot of info.


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Where is it exactly? Some of the description is reminiscent of the caves we found in my book and there were hard to reach at a similar altitude.


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Thanks Dave. I have a few contacts in Iran but language was always difficult. Some of the guys who went down Ghar e Dosar with us had explored Joujar too. One of them had a big photo in his house of them trudging waist deep in snow near the entrance and we saw some video taken in the cave but that was years ago now. Anyway I was expecting there to be something more on line.

I hadn't heard about caver Bob. What will happen to his lists now i wonder.

Mrodoc. I understood it was in the same area as Ghar Parau. I also saw a survey of a cave with a 500m pitch in it from the same area as Joujar