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Lofthouse Colliery Disaster


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Please spare a moments thought for the seven men who died 50 years ago in the early hours of tomorrow morning 21st March.
Frederick William Armitage, Colin Barnaby, Frank Billingham, Sydney Brown, Charles Cotton, Edward Finnegan, Alan Haigh.
Picture is of the memorial service at the seven sided obelisk positioned over the site where six of the seven lie. (yesterday) Memr'l 50yrs 1s.jpg

Wayland Smith

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If you would like to read up on facts on some of the mining disasters then the
Durham mining museum site has a lot of reports from all over the UK.
Many of these are official reports from the mining inspectors and give first-hand accounts of the rescue attempts.
Durham Mining Museum.

For tales of life at the rescue stations see the "Healey Hero" site.
Healey Hero


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The Mines Inspectors report about the disaster has some clear photos of the damaged workings. Shows what happens when a vast volume of water breaks into a mine.