Martel's personality

David Rose

I'm writing a section in my forthcoming book about E.A. Martel. Loads of stuff around by him, of course, and there's a not brilliant biography in French by Casteret. But does anyone here know of any material that sheds any light on Martel the man? Was he, like so many cavers and other explorers - Fritdjof Nansen, for example - a driven obsessive who may well have displayed signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (aka Asperger's syndrome)? Or was he altogether a moire relaxed kind of dude? Anyone got any clues or references? Cheers!

Ian Ball

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I have an article on the shelf about Martel, I'll grab it later on and let you know the author/publication/title, see if it is of interest.

Steve Clark

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The English translation of an old tour guide to Padirac refers to passages from 'Martel's adventures'. Not sure if this is the title of the Casteret biography referred to, something else or just a poor translation. He seems quite passionate in his descriptions.

Anyway, scan of the guide on this link, if only to eliminate it from your enquires :