My book "A series of short passages"


I have 60 hardback copies of my book (published 2021) left. I will send a free copy to anyone who asks. However I would ask to receive a payment for the postage cost. I will send anyone who askks for a copy (only 1 per person available) instructions on how to pay for the postage. For a review go to:

📣 12/02/2024 - Sorry, all 60 copies are now taken. Thank you.
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A very generous offer indeed Graham! I really enjoyed reading this a couple of years ago, and loved the format (lots of very short stories of caving memories). It is very relatable, and beautifully produced too. My advice to anyone who hasn't got a copy yet... email Graham ASAP :)


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Yes, then give your existing copy to the YSS library or some other deserving home.

Graham's book is really interesting.


Somehow this one escaped my purchase! But, I would love a copy! Will pm you. Thank you for this generous offer!


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I received my copy today and am trying not to read it all in one go. It's particularly well written so putting it down is difficult.

Caver Keith

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I received my copy today and have only skimmed through, but from what I've seen so far, I'm really looking forward to reading it. It's definitely my short of book. Love the writing style.


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Made a start on my copy this morning. What a great read - in the classic tradition of caving writing: witty, irreverent, self-effacing and completely absorbing. Thanks Graham!

Ian Ball

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I've been waiting eagerly to receive mine. I realise now that as I've not sent the cash, it's not likely to arrive anytime soon!