Smaller Cavers - Getting an oversuit that fits


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Hi, I'm a small caver (145cm) who has a larger sized bust. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on getting an oversuit that would potentially fit better than my current one. I'm currently wearing an XXL Warmbac - it fits my chest and that's pretty much it! I have to roll the sleeves and the legs up but it also bunches really uncomfortably everywhere else. Even wearing a harness doesn't keep it in place and makes the bunching worse.

Any advice?



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Sewing machine. I'm not being flippant: I often alter clothes and kit to fit. Your sewing doesn't have to be neat, just strong. :)


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Alp Design do ladies-specific oversuits. They look quite stylish in my opinion. I think they're Italian, so I suppose they would.


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Could look at Jumpsuits too

My vote would be for Dennis Jump as well. He tailored the over and undersuits for the other half, and made me a furry suit as well. Great service and a great fit


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Depending on the type of caving you're doing, maybe a two-piece canyoning suit might work for you?
You'd still need to shorten the arms and legs, but that's easily done.