Student caving club associated expeditions


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Hi all,

I'm hoping to collate a list of expeditions led by student caving clubs for Descent. Specifically expeds that are happening this summer. I know CUCC expo is happening, not sure if Imperial slovenia is going ahead, and if SUSS have one happening again?

If anyone knows any info on this I'd appreciate it if you could let me know - and ideally, I'd like a contact for someone within each expedition :)



RUCC/KUCC may be doing a joint-expedition to Matienzo this summer (though not sure if it's still going ahead, I dropped out). It's worth asking Patrick from RUCC.


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ICCC Slovenia is going ahead! It's the 30th anniversary for us and the 50th anniversary of exploration by the local club the JSPDT. Email and reference the expedition and someone will put you in touch with Ben Richards who is expo leader this year.