The Geology and Caves of the Sultanate of Oman 2020

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The 800 Million Year Story of Oman's unique Geology & Caves. A public online lecture evening broadcast from the RGS, London and Muscat, Oman

This Oman Natural Heritage Lecture 2020 , the 5th in the series if annual lectures, this year is being broadcast live online on Wednesday 21st October at 4.00pm from the Royal Geographical Society, London and 7.00pm from Muscat. This year we focus on Oman's unique geology and new cave systems.

Two distinguished Omani speakers will be giving this lecture this year -
Dr Mohammed Al Kindi and Mr Nabil Al Saqri.

Please register now and details of how to join this free event on YouTube will be sent to you. Thank you on behalf of the Oman Natural Heritage Lecture Group UK, Nigel Winser.
Likes the question from Andy Eavis regarding the best places to go to (to see the geology)  as a tourist.  (I think that was the gist)
It would be good to get a transcript of the answer given.  :coffee:

Fascinating place to go to.

The lecture is supposed to be available  to view when finished.
Getting a transcript of the whole lecture & question / answer session would be good.  (y)


The link above still works.

If you really mean geology rather than caves, then there are many publications. The whole country is a gold mine. They took the soil off....

There is a massive outcrop of the ophiolite very close to Muscat (a road goes through it). Spooky stuff.

There is a vast amount of carbonate of all ages, but also large chunks of aeolian and glacial clastics.

The canyon on Jebel Akhdar is something to behold:

The thing about that top picture is to look in the bottom right corner. I goes straight down - the walk is a ledge a long way up.


You could go to Snake Canyon if you can find someone to take you. An early morning trip from Muscat. Don't go in the afternoon, the thunderstorm flood pulses are terminal as some have discovered.

The right hand fork is the one to do. Lots of wadi bashing gets thrown in to get there.



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