Three Days in Gingling Hole - Easter 2016 Trip Report

Duck ditch

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This is an excellent report.  Can anyone answer or point me in the right direction as to where things stand today on this project.
Where is it in relation to other pots? Has it gone beyond silver dale for instance.  Any inlets from other caves?
Any description of passage, any pictures!
Gingling to the sump is a super and pretty hard trip in its own right in my opinion.  Hard work just rewards. 


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I'm no diver, and not a Yorkshire caver either, but I recall being shown the survey in the sump index. It would be fairly easy to get a rough approximation on google maps, but I don't have a copy of the sump index.

Duck ditch said:
Where is it in relation to other pots?


" but I don't have a copy of the sump index."

buy one then, they are still available from CDG Shop, Inglesport, Starless River etc.

Inside is a full description of the cave passages beyond the sump at the bottom of Gingling, along with a full survey, plus area map showing where Gingling and other caves in the area are, relative to each other.

Photos- these were exibited at the Northern Forum in Clapham last year. Admittedly more photos are required , but one can carry only so much.

Exploration continues to this day, with new passage found in December and April (oooopps did I say that !)



If you want a better look at the survey you will have to buy the book. I have to agree it is excellent the quality of the fold out surveys is brilliant.

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Duck ditch

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Actually I already have vol2 of cave and karst bcra.  Nice overlay line map.  I?m speculating that gin is magnetometer. Although it must be a lot lower.  There Might be a fault forcing the passage eastwards.  Silverdale might be on the otherside of the fault.  It still looks an important dig.  The potential is enormous.  Im talking rubbish I know.  Looking forward to hearing more in the future.