TopoDroid doing awkward station numbering


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i just switched from PocketTopo to TopoDroid and tried to make couple of shots around my house in attempt to figure how to properly use it and...

I stuck at first step, I mada a small test survey with just a couple of leg shots without splays and no matter what I try I always getting strange numbering, only 0-1 is ok, than I got 3-5 than 5-7 and so on... If I try to make splays the result is even worse..

Any hint? Am I doing something wrong? Need to change something in the settings?


I tried on two different phones with two different app versions, 6.1.27-31 & 6.1.32-33 same issue.

This is how it is supposed to looks like:

Sorry 4 my English and thx in advance :D


Interesting. The last time I used TopoDroid I had the same issue. It was doing even numbers somehow, then after about 15 stations switched to odd numbers. Really unhelpfully, late on while it was putting stations on odd numbers, it then started adding splays to even numbered stations that didn't exist.

I didn't really pursue the issue though - it was on someone else's phone and on mine I've tended to use SexyTopo, which I find significantly more user-friendly.


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First of all, 10Q, 10Q U all of you, didn't expected such a fast respond :)

it’s frustrating that it does happen, especially when you have a job that needs doing and you have no choice but to roll with it!
That's why I am here, I am not new to cave survey I just tired of PocketTop limitations and I want to switch to something better, with more options to work with and more options when it comes to export at the end. So far I found SexyTopo and TopoDroid as the best solution on Android platform but TopoDroid looks a bit more oriented to skillful mappers and that's why I choose it over SexyTopo? Correct me if I am wrong?

Never seen this issue, after ~8 years of using it.
Lucky you, I faced the issue during the first attempt and 2nd, and 3rd and so long :D

I suggest you contact the developer directly
Did it yesterday, still waiting for some feedback, will keep U informed however...

What is even more in interesting if I try to automatically fix numbering (I downloaded whole manula, print it out and now going through page by page) TD do it right:

It fixes stations numbering but I lost everything in sketch view, everything disappears, stations, splays, drawings, the first screenshot is before fixing stations numbering, the 2nd is after and the third is 3d view where if everything is processed fine with correct stations numbering, isn't it strange, 3D looks fine, sketch not?

Again, I am not beginner, just confused :D