Trip / key this coming week


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Anyone in Wales fancy / available to take me and Sas on a midweek trip this coming week?  Ideally Wed / Thurs (16/17 March)?  We are staying in SennyBridge for a few days and would like to get underground if possible.  It would be nice to visit OFD as we've not been there for years and it seems a sensible choice based on where we're staying.  The weather looks fairly rubbish for Wednesday so it would need to be something weatherproof.  Given the complexity of OFD I'd much rather go with somebody who knows the cave than fumble around by ourselves (getting horribly lost and not getting very far).

Alternatively can someone suggest something we could do over that side of the hills which is safe given the forecast rainfall that we'd get on with better if just the two of us.  We'd be looking for something along the lines of Pant Mawr or Craig a Ffynnon to Hall of the Mountain King in terms of trip length / complexity (3 hours ish).  Not planning to take much kit, but could put rope /  ladders in if needed.

Thanks in advance.