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UK to SUICRO lift possibility


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Anyone want a lift to SUICRO? Need to try and keep costs down because the ferries are horribly expensive...
We are (if we do actually go) leaving from the Dales, so can go either via Cairnryan (Scotland) or Holyhead so lots of pick up/drop off potential. We would probably try and sleep in the car somewhere so you'd either have to stay in the hotel/somewhere else in Enniskillen or find somewhere we could all camp (which appears to be difficult in that area). I assume we would leave on Friday late morning/early afternoon and head back on Monday morning.


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can go either via Cairnryan (Scotland) or Holyhead
Holyhead - Dublin seems a long way round. I'm not going so this is just info you might find helpful; there are other ferry options, P&O Liverpool-Dublin and Stena Birkenhead-Belfast, both of which which I've used this year and found good. Birkenhead-Belfast is a longer ferry trip but runs overnight as well as daytime, a 4 berth cabin isn't expensive and you can effectively save time by travelling while you sleep.

Actually, have you considered Easyjet Liverpool-Belfast and hire a car?