Wanted - Mendip underground 5th edition


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Hey Folks,
I'd really like to get my hands on my own copy of the 5th edition of Mendip underground, if anyone has one they no longer use please contact me. Also the 6th edition is said to be coming out in 2021 so if anyone is not currently an active caver or is going to upgrade to 6th edition, I'd be interested in buying a copy, heavily used or damaged spine/ mud is fine too, just need the content!

If you know anyone selling a copy can you point me in their direction 😊

Drop me a message or one with a phone number or I can give you mine if you like  :D


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MCRA still have copies of the 4th edition for ?5, but 6th is likely to be delayed:


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Time to reawaken this thread - I’m looking for a copy of mendip underground as well. Preferably 5 but would settle for 4th edition.

As an aside does anyone know when the new one is actually coming out?